Mesh Panels

At Dublin Fencing we also supply and install the new Welded Mesh panel type fencing. This fencing is comprised of a panel of welded wire mesh, usually 5mm diameter, set in 200 x 50mm mesh sizes. The fence panels usually have a "V" shape pressed into them, horizontally, leading some people to call them V-Mesh panels, or 3D Panels. They are usually fixed to square box posts, with anti tamper bolts and clamp brackets. All the steelwork is galvanized to prevent rust, and usually powder coated green, leading to a high quality appearance and long life. This type of wire mesh fence has many applications, from dog compounds, to garden fences, to security fencing, and a range of gates are available to match.

Mesh Panel Mesh Panel Anti tamper bolt and Mesh clamp for mesh fence Mesh panel

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